tunic modified into to Waldorf-inspired reversible apron

A few years ago, when Oliver started Blossoms, I noticed all the teachers wore long aprons to protect their clothing, most were a cross between a tunic/dress and an apron. These aprons often had pockets, were free of fiddly ties, covered vast swaths of their bodies, ensuring their clothing stayed clean, and they still had … More tunic modified into to Waldorf-inspired reversible apron

my DIY needle wallet

Oliver started school this week, so I am down to one full-time sidekick until next week when Patrick starts preschool (he’ll be going three days Monday-Wednesday). One full-time sidekick makes things slightly easier to accomplish than two, so this morning the little one and I organized my drawers of sewing supplies. I’m a slightly shocked … More my DIY needle wallet


We have gnomes in our house, again. Between hunting Gnomes and having a gnome infestation in our Christmas tree, it was only a matter of time before the boys got gnome “costumes” — in this case, reversible gnome hats and vests. The hats are very gnome-inspired (although they could also be for a wizard), the … More Gnomes

P’s New Baby

For Christmas 2011 Oliver was gifted Howie Baby, a Waldorf-inspired heavy baby doll that I handmade over many many months. Today, Patrick was gifted a similar doll (also handmade, but I used a kit instead of going to weeks of mommy-and-me classes). P’s new baby was carefully swaddled in one of his old baby blankets, … More P’s New Baby