Peach Sorbet, Strawberry Sauce & Peanut Butter Ice Cream

It has been warm and my limited freezer space has made it difficult to get out my ice cream maker bowl attachment. What follows are some no-ice-cream-maker-needed ways to enjoy something cold, inspired from various sources on the internet, books and a recipe vaguely based off what came in our CSA box. Peach Sorbet Some … More Peach Sorbet, Strawberry Sauce & Peanut Butter Ice Cream

trail mix bars

Last Friday we went to Costco and on a whim I bought a giant bag of Kirkland Trail mix. It’ll be great! I thought. We can have it for snacks this summer, and it’ll add something fun to their lunches.  When we got home, I gave each boy a small bowl of trail mix. They only … More trail mix bars

BLT Pizza

The other night at the Barlow Thursday Street Fair I had a BLT from one of the food stands. I don’t normally order BLTs, but the sandwich was so large it made sense to share it. The sandwich in question was amazing, heirloom tomatoes, happy pig bacon, arugula, tangy mayonnaise, locally sourced fresh whole wheat … More BLT Pizza