savory kolaches

There has been a fair bit of build up to this. First, I had a wave of inspiration and I made blackberry kolaches, then I made American Cheese, today I finally got things together and made savory kolaches. I changed things up a little, I quartered my polish sausages, and used American cheese instead of … More savory kolaches

Blackberry Kolaches

Every once in a great while I have an overwhelming need to make kolaches. Sometimes it is to put off the stress of moving and procrastinate on doing other things, other times it is because I really need comfort food. This time? I’m not sure, but I know there are other things I probably should … More Blackberry Kolaches

trail mix bars

Last Friday we went to Costco and on a whim I bought a giant bag of Kirkland Trail mix. It’ll be great! I thought. We can have it for snacks this summer, and it’ll add something fun to their lunches.  When we got home, I gave each boy a small bowl of trail mix. They only … More trail mix bars

Asian Pears 2014

It is that time of year again, the Asian Pear tree is laden with fruit and I am torn between chucking it all in the green bin and doing something useful with it. There are already mounds of decaying pears laying in the jasmine, so I should probably start doing something about that, and with … More Asian Pears 2014

in which we explore the world of vegetables & find kale is better with bacon

In an attempt to “eat more vegetables” we’ve signed up for a CSA* box. We got our first box today. 4 pears (not pictured) 3 apples (not pictured) 1 container of kiwiberries (not pictured, mostly consumed by Patrick) 1 bunch of carrots 1 bunch of radishes 1 lb of green beans (with a note they … More in which we explore the world of vegetables & find kale is better with bacon