water-misappropriation problems resolved (we hope)

After a summer of being ignored as I reminding the children that California is having a drought and we need to leave the water off, I decided to solve the water-misappropriation problems once and for all and replace the faucet with one that has a removable “key” (or you can use a flat-head screwdriver in … More water-misappropriation problems resolved (we hope)

bonding & sanding

It recently became abundantly clear that it was time to refinish the little maple table from Gavin’s childhood. I really wish I had some good “before” photos of the condition of the table top — you can leave it to your imagination, and my description of “well loved and well used” by Gavin, his sister, … More bonding & sanding

Herb’s Garden

Our backyard has come a long way since we moved in, and I am continually working to make it a more child (and people) – friendly place. We recently splurged and had the mulch-pit redone, it was turning into a muddy pit when it rained (all winter), so it was scraped, re-weed papered and freshly … More Herb’s Garden