O @ 6 years/7 months, P @ 4 years/4 month (give or take a day or two)

This was taken at the Olympic Museum at Squaw Valley, added bonus, it includes Gavin. We spent several days at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, and Squaw Valley was one of our day-trips. The boys had quite a bit of fun posing on the podium, deciding who would be first (the worst), second (the best), and … More O @ 6 years/7 months, P @ 4 years/4 month (give or take a day or two)

Technical Issues

I haven’t updated in a while as we’ve been having technical issues: for a time the blog was down entirely, and now it won’t let me post photos, so instead I’ll direct you to our Picasa Albums where you can see what we’ve been up to! Since I last posted, the boys have been busy … More Technical Issues

Happy 2013

We had some technical issues over the holidays so the blog was down, but everything appears to be back up and running. We had a low-key holiday season, spent Christmas at home with family, did nothing exciting for New Years, and are looking forward to regularly scheduled activities to start up again this week. To … More Happy 2013

still alive!

The blog was fairly silent this past week because I was busy being a mom of boys. Gavin was off in Palo Alto and Santa-Somewhere-or-other for work and conferences so it was up to me to hold down the fort. We had a few ups and downs over the week, but over all things went … More still alive!

See how They Grow

For the last 33 months I have taken (or tried very hard to take) a photo of Oliver on the 20th of every month so I can watch how he changes month-to-month. There isn’t always a dramatic change, but over time, the changes start to get very noticeable. I’ve been doing the same thing for Patrick … More See how They Grow


We have had a few Almost-moments recently: Oliver is almost putting on his own shoes – he got them on, his feet, just not the correct feet. Patrick is almost rolling over with out assistance from Big Brother. So close, and yet so far. I suspect it will be an interesting week.