mystery plant

 A few months back some small green shoots poked above the ground. I hadn’t planted anything in the corner where they were occurring, but I welcome most low maintenance plants that show up on their own. I have no idea what this plant is, there is a smaller one next to it (lower right corner). Does any … More mystery plant

we’re no longer fenceless

We have a new back fence, Gavin insists it is redwood, I think red is being generous, the fence is bright a bright pink-salmon color.  It makes quite a stark contrast with the deck and the fences dividing up the individual backyards. Gavin insists it will fade with time, until then, we’ve got a pink fence. 

we’re fenceless

We’re in the process of getting a new back fence. “We” in this case includes the entire set of town homes where we’re renting.  Last week we got a phone call from the fencing company. They were calling to tell us to keep pets and children indoors; we don’t have either so it wasn’t an … More we’re fenceless