tunic modified into to Waldorf-inspired reversible apron

A few years ago, when Oliver started Blossoms, I noticed all the teachers wore long aprons to protect their clothing, most were a cross between a tunic/dress and an apron. These aprons often had pockets, were free of fiddly ties, covered vast swaths of their bodies, ensuring their clothing stayed clean, and they still had … More tunic modified into to Waldorf-inspired reversible apron

my DIY needle wallet

Oliver started school this week, so I am down to one full-time sidekick until next week when Patrick starts preschool (he’ll be going three days Monday-Wednesday). One full-time sidekick makes things slightly easier to accomplish than two, so this morning the little one and I organized my drawers of sewing supplies. I’m a slightly shocked … More my DIY needle wallet


We have gnomes in our house, again. Between hunting Gnomes and having a gnome infestation in our Christmas tree, it was only a matter of time before the boys got gnome “costumes” — in this case, reversible gnome hats and vests. The hats are very gnome-inspired (although they could also be for a wizard), the … More Gnomes


Eagle-eye viewers (and friends who follow me on Facebook) will have noticed the Serenity pillow on our daybed. Serenity is my answer to the vast array of Live, Laugh, Love, Peace, Joy, Dream, Hope and other “inspirational” pillows that have taken over mass-market home decor. I want to make a giant pile of them and … More Serenity