The Art of Forgery

I slept (or at the very least lightly dozed) through my required Art History course in college (I think it was 20th century impressionists?). It was an early morning class (9 am), in a small, slightly too-warm room, with the lights off, and the whir of an over-head projector that cast slightly out-of-focus French impressionists … More The Art of Forgery

Free Reading Time

This year I set out to read books for myself, not just for my toddler, or to glean new parenting insights. So far, I am doing well, I have completed three and have started on my fourth. The toddler has been going to bed between 6:45 and 7:15 most evenings which leaves me a nice … More Free Reading Time

behind door #2

The last few days we’ve been spending time with Grandma Dulce, helping around the house, shopping, and admiring the pretty pictures in her wide collection of art books. Of course looking at art books with Oliver is more than just admiring the pretty pictures, you have to read the captions, discuss the image, colors, and … More behind door #2

Books for Thought – April’s Selection

Warning, this may contain “spoilers” of certain “Cat Who” mysteries. This month I’ve decided to branch out into more of “Gavin’s” books. Next to my two and a half shelves of Agatha Christie were a few books by Lilian Jackson Braun (fiction -and that includes mysteries- is in alphabetical order). I enjoy a good mystery, … More Books for Thought – April’s Selection