May Day

In both 2002 and 2005 I had the pleasure of being in one of the little towns near Augsburg for May Day. Instead of workers rights and civil unrest, the Germans celebrated the arrival of spring, erecting a giant may pole, serving lots of food and getting quite drunk. Today we opted to celebrate more … More May Day

Zucchini Confessions

I hate zucchini, I have always found it to be a revolting vegetable. Texturally slimy when cooked, mushy even when breaded and fried, zucchini was something I avoided – that and eggplant, but this post isn’t about that. Up until about two months ago our home had been a zucchini-free zone, then P started to … More Zucchini Confessions

Foodie Baby

Patrick is a bit of a foodie. Oliver enjoyed starting on solid foods, but he mostly enjoyed food as a textural experience and as a medium to create a colorful mess all over everything. P also enjoys food as a textural experience and medium for colorful messes, but he packs away more in one meal … More Foodie Baby


Patrick has always been passionate about food. Shortly after his grand entrance into the world, he latched on with great vigor, enthusiasm, and nursed in a passionate, but very efficient manner. When offered bottles of expressed milk, he sucked them down as well. P had been making passes at things on the table from the … More Solid

Accidental Oatmeal

This morning Gavin made a batch of oatmeal for breakfast. He was trying a new brand of oats and he didn’t feel comfortable cutting the recipe down on the first go so I got a bowl of oatmeal as well. I was multi-tasking: skimming my most recent Cooks Illustrated, balancing Patrick on my lap, and … More Accidental Oatmeal

P rolls (w/photos)

Patrick has roll over back-to-tummy without any assistance. It took him a little while, but he managed it. Here are some photos of his final moments as he gets onto his side and up and over onto his stomach. He is a determined and accomplished little wiggler. Now he needs to roll front to back … More P rolls (w/photos)