Patrick is Four

Today Patrick turned four. Mommy and Daddy gifted him some new construction pajamas (3 pairs, short length), that he promptly put on. Patrick is quite excited about the new pajamas and is wearing them this evening. Here is a picture of Patrick a few hours after birth. He’s grown quite a bit in the last … More Patrick is Four

P’s New Baby

For Christmas 2011 Oliver was gifted Howie Baby, a Waldorf-inspired heavy baby doll that I handmade over many many months. Today, Patrick was gifted a similar doll (also handmade, but I used a kit instead of going to weeks of mommy-and-me classes). P’s new baby was carefully swaddled in one of his old baby blankets, … More P’s New Baby

timeout for Mommy

Every now and then Mommy needs a time out. I’m the first to admit things happen, the other day P grabbed O’s dinner (rice and peas with butter) off the table and vigorously dumped it all over the kitchen floor. O cheered him on and demanded I get the “keener!” These things happen, and I … More timeout for Mommy

My Fantasy Playroom

Today one of my not-so-secret fantasies came true: I got a play room!! No, not a “fifty shades red room of pain” room. Instead, I got something more practical: a room where I can stash most of the boys toys so I can have my living room back. The boys can play and at the … More My Fantasy Playroom