timeout for Mommy

Every now and then Mommy needs a time out. I’m the first to admit things happen, the other day P grabbed O’s dinner (rice and peas with butter) off the table and vigorously dumped it all over the kitchen floor. O cheered him on and demanded I get the “keener!” These things happen, and I … More timeout for Mommy

My Fantasy Playroom

Today one of my not-so-secret fantasies came true: I got a play room!! No, not a “fifty shades red room of pain” room. Instead, I got something more practical: a room where I can stash most of the boys toys so I can have my living room back. The boys can play and at the … More My Fantasy Playroom

tree trained

Oliver came inside from playing in his water table, stark naked, he pointed to his penis “me use dis pee un-dah tee!” He said he needed a diaper, I told him he could use his potty seat, he reiterated his point: “no mommy, pee un-dah tee!” He was so proud of himself and he hadn’t … More tree trained