self-amusing baby

Oliver enjoys gripping things and shaking them. He’s also gotten pretty good at launching things forcefully (I think this is still unintentional, but I could be mistaken). He entertained himself for about half an hour with the foot rattles, mobile and hand-rattle. It was really cute. 

Planet Chicken

This evening, Gavin and I finished watching Planet Earth. If you haven’t seen it yet by all means try to rent the BBC version narrated by David Attenborough (he does a better job than Sigourney Weaver who narrates the American version on the Discovery Channel). It is an amazing series with stunning photography, amazing cinematography, … More Planet Chicken

Pizza and Poirot

Gavin drove to Costco today. His seemed to enjoying on 116 more than he enjoyed driving on Hwy. 1, something to do with fewer turns and bicyclists. Costco had some of Agatha Christie’s Poirot Mysteries, we’ve rented some from NetFlix and I’ve recorded some from PBS’ Mystery and Gavin and I have both enjoyed them … More Pizza and Poirot