Two Years Today

As of today Gavin and I have been married for a rather eventful two years. I am doing several celebratory loads of laundry. After dinner we’ll have some of the remains of the orange-chocolate cake I made the other day, and we might even watch VanHelsing again (and this time we might actually finish it). … More Two Years Today

happy 11000 gavin!

Today was Gavin’s 11000 birthday. 11000 is 24 in binary – Nick told me so (and google backed him up). We had a low-key celebratory dinner of spaghetti bolognese, caesar salad and garlic bread with a bottle of sparkling apple cider. Dessert was carrot cake (the same one as yesterday). After dinner Gavin opened his present. I got him … More happy 11000 gavin!

One small step

The pile of cardboard and styrofoam that had been collecting on our back patio just out of sight has finally been thrown out. It had been sitting there since July (?) when my MIL got us a BBQ as a housewarming gift. For the first week or so we didn’t have trash pick up and … More One small step