The Wedding Box

I’ve been going through our under the stairs storage space looking to see what can go out and what will merely be reshuffled around until the next time I feel inspired to climb back there. One of the boxes that will get shuffled is a large off-cream colored box, edges reinforced with duct-tape, that once … More The Wedding Box

this provencial life

A friend of mine recently posted about her 15 month old’s strong preference for all things Princess, about half way through the post, she touches on an issue that is rather close to home: …I’m really happy about my current arrangement of being at home full-time, except on Tuesdays, the one day Sonya goes to … More this provencial life

Mazel tov!

This is part 2 of 2 of the post about Abby & Mark’s wedding weekend. For part one see Row! Row! Row! Sunday was the Big Day. I was very grateful that we had stayed in Aptos because it meant we had the morning to enjoy ourselves. Oliver, Gavin, Aaron W. (aka Tito) and I … More Mazel tov!

Row! Row! Row!

This is part 1 of 2 of the post about Abby & Mark’s wedding weekend. As previously mentioned, Gavin, Oliver and I attended a wedding this past weekend. Gavin has known Abby, the bride, since high school, and Mark is the person who showed Oliver how to most effectively bang his spoon on an over-turned … More Row! Row! Row!