so this happened, and we relandscaped part of the front yard

The other day I realized it was time to trim the lambs ears, they were getting overgrown, falling over, trampled by small children, and they were in need of a trim. I didn’t get a picture of the mess, because I didn’t really expect to be jumping into a huge new project less than a … More so this happened, and we relandscaped part of the front yard

Herb’s Garden

Our backyard has come a long way since we moved in, and I am continually working to make it a more child (and people) – friendly place. We recently splurged and had the mulch-pit redone, it was turning into a muddy pit when it rained (all winter), so it was scraped, re-weed papered and freshly … More Herb’s Garden

Peach Ice cream

I’ve had the ice cream maker bowl in the freezer ever since we made the banana sorbet with chocolate sprinkles, and I’ve been actively seeking a reason to use it again. I was inspired today when we got a lovely flat of ripe peaches from Costco. P ate his way through three of them leaving … More Peach Ice cream

Potting Bench!

We finally found a use for the awkward space behind the fencing and gate: it is now home to my new potting bench. Yes, I now have a potting bench! Gavin built it for me out of redwood and pressure-treated lumber. It took him a few weekends, and the results are wonderful! The potting bench … More Potting Bench!


It has been raining the last few days. Instead of arguing with the boys about playing inside, they’ve been bundled in their rain gear and sent out to play. Our yard has become a mud pit and experimental zone. See this dirt? It will be come mud, fabulous mud to be smeared ALL OVER the … More Mud!

Backyard Fun

Yesterday afternoon the boys were let loose to run in the yard while I cleaned up the kitchen (an unending task). After a time they wandered out of my immediate line of sight so I ventured out to check on them. Turns out P had mastered the ladder on the climbing structure and he and … More Backyard Fun

and now for something completely different: WTF-Leather

Long-time readers of my blog will remember last years post about the WTF, and my attempts at making WTF-sauce. My attempts were wildly successful, but the popularity of the WTF-sauce waned as the novelty wore off. Yesterday was O’s last Farm Day at his pre-pre school program and the mommies and daddies were invited to … More and now for something completely different: WTF-Leather