Herb’s Garden

Our backyard has come a long way since we moved in, and I am continually working to make it a more child (and people) – friendly place. We recently splurged and had the mulch-pit redone, it was turning into a muddy pit when it rained (all winter), so it was scraped, re-weed papered and freshly … More Herb’s Garden

I’ve been Reading! (Sept. 2012 edition, #2)

For the other books I’ve read recently, check out I’ve been Reading! (Sept. 2012 edition). The Mercury 13: The Untold Story of Thirteen American Women and the Dream of Space Flight by Martha Ackmann. – This was interesting, but depressing. On one hand, they were “pioneers” and “trail blazers” and they ended up going nowhere, … More I’ve been Reading! (Sept. 2012 edition, #2)

Once Upon A Time

I used to read books other than Dr. Sear’s The Baby Book, The Nursing Mother’s Companion and the adventures of Gossie & Gertie. I used to post reviews of them, and read several books a month. Then I had Oliver, and while he’s very cute, he’s not conducive to free-time reading. I have read a … More Once Upon A Time

Ferrari v. Gossie

 This afternoon Oliver and I expanded his appreciation of fine cars, we sat on the floor and looked at all the pretty pictures in Speed, Style, And Beauty: Cars from the Ralph Lauren Collection. Gavin got it for me back when we were dating after the exhibit was sold out.  Oliver seemed to be fascinated by the bold red … More Ferrari v. Gossie

LC call # 54-9838

Which of the following is a 2+ month old more likely to have on their bookshelf: Book of nursery and Mother Goose rhymes by Marguerite D Angeli or Preliminary inventory of the records of the Senate Committee on Interstate Commerce, Subcommittee to Investigate Interstate Railroads, 1935-43 : (Record Group 46) by United States? They share the same Library … More LC call # 54-9838