Herb’s Garden

Our backyard has come a long way since we moved in, and I am continually working to make it a more child (and people) – friendly place. We recently splurged and had the mulch-pit redone, it was turning into a muddy pit when it rained (all winter), so it was scraped, re-weed papered and freshly … More Herb’s Garden

I’ve been Reading! (Sept. 2012 edition, #2)

For the other books I’ve read recently, check out I’ve been Reading! (Sept. 2012 edition). The Mercury 13: The Untold Story of Thirteen American Women and the Dream of Space Flight by Martha Ackmann. – This was interesting, but depressing. On one hand, they were “pioneers” and “trail blazers” and they ended up going nowhere, … More I’ve been Reading! (Sept. 2012 edition, #2)

Once Upon A Time

I used to read books other than Dr. Sear’s The Baby Book, The Nursing Mother’s Companion and the adventures of Gossie & Gertie. I used to post reviews of them, and read several books a month. Then I had Oliver, and while he’s very cute, he’s not conducive to free-time reading. I have read a … More Once Upon A Time