After several hours of building bookshelves, emptying boxes, and arranging books, the two “extra” shelves, are now full, as is our Spare “Oom” Before 3/4 through The shelf on the left is Fiction and the shelf on the right is Science Fiction/Fantasy. Non-fiction still resides in the main portion of the living room. Tomorrow, or … More Unboxed

Invasion of GAVCA

This weekend we will sort through the 261 books that have been tagged in our LibraryThing as GAVCA. Yes, Gavin’s collection of books from California has finally arrived. When I got home from work today there were 6 boxes of books on the stairs outside our apartment. After cursing USPS and being greatful that it … More Invasion of GAVCA

Communist Oreos

Nick left at 6:45 am and arrived back in Canada safely. Elizabeth and I did 5 loads of laundry, and went to Market Basket. Gavin curled up in bed with a box of Kleenex and a glass of OJ, eventually he came out and programmed some. Gavin, Eliz and I then watched Heartbreakers. I was … More Communist Oreos

Hello Humidity

A few weeks back Gavin and I noticed that the air in the apartment was quite dry. The gizmo in the living room said the humidity was around 30%. I come from a slightly more humid climate, and Gavin wasn’t appreciating the dryness either so we came to the conclusion we needed a humidifier for … More Hello Humidity

I was going to bake more, but I’ve run out of eggs and its raining so I’m not going to go out and get more

Today, I was going to go see Marie Antoinette with Jenny, but the weather changed our plans. It was (still is) pouring down rain in Somerville (North of Boston where we are) and in Quincy (South of Boston where Jenny is), so logically it was pouring rain in the middle of Boston, where the theater … More I was going to bake more, but I’ve run out of eggs and its raining so I’m not going to go out and get more

Vacuuming with Flair

I am the first to admit that I hate to sweep, unfortunately, in this apartment with the hardwood floors, large linoleum kitchen flooring and sporadic area rugs, sweeping is a necessity. The problem I have with sweeping is it simply rearranges the dirt. I can see it swirling in the beams of sunlight and resettling … More Vacuuming with Flair

More Curtains

After a few adventures, missed UPS packages, missed busses, and a .76 mile (round trip from the bus stop) walk through an area of town that I was forbidden to visit after dark (but it was OK to walk alone there during the day…), I finally took possession of our new curtains. I was quite … More More Curtains