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gratuitous beach selfie – Doran Beach – July 12, 2015

Gavin & Kindli have been married since May 2006. They like being married, it is much more fun than racking up frequent flier points to visit each other.

About Gavin: Gavin sleeps on the left side of the bed. Gavin likes carrots and goldfish crackers. Gavin enjoys non-fiction, fiction, science-fiction, and The Economist. Gavin enjoys computers, most of the time (playing flash games, writing code, reading webcomics).

About Kindli: Kindli takes all the covers, and sleeps in the middle of the bed. Kindli enjoys apples and fritos. Kindli enjoys Agatha Christie mysteries, and Cooks Illustrated. Kindli enjoys computers when they work and do her bidding (organizing the 1,000+ books, making photo albums, updating the blog).

Most of the time both Gavin and Kindli enjoy when Kindli bakes and tries new recipes. Neither is afraid to suggust ordering pizza for dinner if something goes up in smoke (usually figuratively).

Why Avid Inkling?

Avid Inkling is an anagram of Gavin and Kindli. Using an anagram solved the decision of who’s name should go first. We also think Avid Inkling is sort of catchy, and far better than some of the other anagram options, like “Lad Viking In” or “Vain Lid King.”

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