Wednesday: Into the Cave, at the Creek, and we meet a Bear

For all posts related to our adventure see tag Big Trees 2016. Photos from our trip can be found in our Google photo album, Trip to Big Trees

Wednesday morning we took a tour of Mercer Caverns. The little one was particularly hesitant about the steep stairs, but with Mommy leading the way, and Daddy following up behind, he traversed the cave without incident.

IMG_1677Some fun facts about the caverns:

  • There are a total of 440 steps, 208 down into the caverns and 232 up out of the caverns.
  • The tour descends into the caverns to a low point of about 161 feet below the surface, the equivalent of a 16 story building.
  • The cave was discovered on Sept. 1, 1885, by Walter J. Mercer


In the afternoon, we went to Beaver Creek for a relaxing afternoon of wading and splashing about. Gavin and I spread our blanket on shore in the shade, after a few hours, the shade moved out of range — we moved our blanket 3-4 times to keep up with it, so we headed to the visitor’s center.


The visitor’s center has a museum/educational area at the back. The boys were fascinated by the collection of taxidermy – a brown bear and cub, various birds, a racoon, weasel, snakes, and other local-area wild life.

Later in the evening, after dinner, as the boys were having some final play time before bed, O began shrieking that he saw “a bear! Mommy, Daddy! There’s a bear!” I rounded the boys into the house, roused Gavin from his book and we rushed to the windows.


Sure enough, there was a bear, lumbering along, maybe 15 yards from our cabin. It did not linger, and continued on it’s way. Bedtime took a little longer Wednesday evening as the boys waited to see if the bear would return, and were somewhat disappointed (and somewhat relived) when it did not.



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