Tuesday: Hiking South Grove & Splashing around Lake Alpine

For all posts related to our adventure see tag Big Trees 2016. Photos from our trip can be found in our Google photo album, Trip to Big Trees

Crossing Beaver Creek to enter the South Grove. The animals for which Beaver Creek was named have not been sighted in the park for many years.

Tuesday morning bright and early Gavin roused us from our beds and we set off to hike the South Grove trail, which included the 5 mile round trip hike to the Agassiz Tree.

We contributed another 50 cents for a brochure of trail highlights, and Gavin made sure we stopped at each so we could be properly informed about the Agassiz Tree, the Moody Group, the Smith Cabin Tree, Old Goliath and the Portals.

IMG_3769We finished our hike, exhausted, sweaty and hungry. While we had every intention of lunching at the Beaver Creek picnic area, the yellow jackets had other ideas (they smelled our turkey sandwiches), and we retreated to the car (and then our cabin) to finish lunch in peace.

After a brief rest and regrouping, we drove up to Lake Alpine for an afternoon of splashing about in the cool (and silty) water.

IMG_1462Tuesday evening, much to the boy’s delight, Gavin made a fire in the fire pit, and we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores.


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