Do you even know where that is?

For all posts related to our adventure see tag Big Trees 2016. Photos from our trip can be found in our Google photo album, Trip to Big Trees

A few months ago the mom of one of P’s buddies told me about some cabins that were kid-friendly and in a great location for a trip. I talked it over briefly with Gavin, then took the initiative and booked four nights (Sunday-Thursday) in the aforementioned cabins.

Do you even know where they are? Gavin asked after I emailed him a copy of the confirmation information.

Calaveras Big Tree State Park.

Do you even know where that is?

Not a clue, I had better find out.

Not all trips get off on an¬†auspicious start, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. Armed with google, a woefully under-pinned pintrest board, the county tourism guide (I had them mail me a copy), a binder of printouts from the internet and an email or two from my mom-friend, last Sunday we loaded up the van and headed east to Calaveras County.



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