Fajitas! because, why not?

The other night I made fajitas, because I could, and because when we get Mexican takeout, I’m partial to chimichangas, so it has been ages since I’ve had fajitas of any kind!

This particular recipe comes from the Cooks Illustrated Modern Classics 2012 (p. 20-21) — yes, this is part of my attempt to work my way though the binder of recipes. I didn’t bother with the five-minute salsa, I’m perfectly fine with the mago salsa we have in the fridge — just enough tang and spicy, and most importantly, no cilantro!


I double checked the meat with an instant read thermometer to make sure the beef got to medium (160 degrees). It probably would have been fine at rare, but I err on the side of caution, and the recommended cooking time of 4 – 5 minutes (each side) got it there nicely.


This was served with a side of re-fried beans topped generously with cheese (mostly for the kids and because it was super-quick), and an array of toppings.

Oliver had his tortilla with just sour cream, while Patrick had his tortilla with red peppers and onion. Patrick declared dinner to be “yummy!” and requested that I “make this again mommy!” — fairly high praise coming from a four year old.

Gavin and I went for it, and the results were pretty fantastic.


This is being saved for another time, a solid alternative to Taco Night!

One thought on “Fajitas! because, why not?

  1. That looks absolutely fabulous… scrumptious… lecker! Wish I could help you with it. looking forward to my next visit. Hugs to you all. IRene

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