Wednesday Lunch Dates in January

Our schedules have worked themselves out in such a way that we have until 3pm on Wednesdays before we have to pick up the boys. With this expanse of child-free time, Gavin and I have reinstated the lost art of the Lunch Date, and are working our way around the many well-reviewed, Zagat-rated, Michelin Stared restaurants in the area, as well as anywhere else that strikes our fancy and shows up when you google “lunch in Sebastopol.

We are spoiled for choice and have promised ourselves we should try as many places as we can before we go somewhere we’ve already been. To help us keep track, I’ll try and remember to post (monthly) updates of where we went and what we had.

In January schedules worked themselves out in such a way we only managed two lunch dates: one at Woodfour Brewing Company and one at the French Garden.

Woodfour Brewing Company

In the Barlow, we sat by the window. The Barlow is rather empty on brisk Wednesday mornings, and we were the only people there for about 10 minutes — one advantage of an unfashionably early lunch!

I don’t recall exactly what Gavin had at Woodfour. I a fabulous grilled chicken sandwich and it came with smashed potatoes. We have been several times now, and I also highly recommend their desserts, particularly the panna cotta and dark chocolate creamux.

Neither of us drink beer, and they have a nice selection of non-alcoholic options.

The French Garden

This is with in walking distance — across Bodega Ave, which was nice.

We split a very decadent salad, with apples, cheese, and greens. The presentation was lovely, but it was very tricky to eat!

I had the chicken club on a croissant and Gavin had fish tacos. The chicken club was good. Gavin said the fish tacos were “bland” and said the few french fries and rosemary aioli he’d snagged from me were the “best part of the meal because they’ve got flavor.”

As we are unfashionably early lunchers we had the place to ourselves for a large portion of our time there. When others did arrive, we felt slightly out of place, as we were a good 30 years younger than the rest of the patrons.


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