Sparkle Party!

I have a box of costume jewelry that I’ve inherited from various family and friends. I was recently speaking with a fellow parent (and jeweler) about what to do with it, and he advised me it might contain lead, so it was probably best not to hand it over to the children (or their friends) for crafts, or costumes.

A search on pinterest turned up how to create a vintage jewelry wreath which I promptly shared with Gavin, who pointed out that if the jewelry did possibly contain lead, I shouldn’t get it hot.

IMG_5136I used a 70% off black styrofoam wreath form, wrapped it in burlap ribbon and leftover canvas, and then used t-pins, the already-in-place earring clips, or the brooches’ own pin to hold it in place.  IMG_5137The nice thing about pinning and poking is that if I ever feel inspired to wear ginormous sparkly 1950s vintage earrings, or pearl-ended hat pins I can simply unpin them from the wreath and put them into service.IMG_5139There is also plenty of space to pin more if my costume jewelry collection ever expands (or if I finish clearing out my collection of little boxes).

And because I can, a link to the German Sparkle Party!

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