Herb’s Wreath

I appreciate a good wreath, I enjoy making them, and I’ve made several over the years. I think my first was festive autumnal colors, followed by a delightful spring/summer medly. Then there was the Christmas Present wreath, and one made with coffee filter flowers.

Recently, our CSA box provider has been offering locally sourced herbal wreaths. They are stunningly beautiful and rather expensive (upwards of $40). Forty dollars (or more) for an herbal wreath is not in my budget, and I’m growing my own herbs, so I looked around the internet for inspiration and decided to go for it.

The giant vine in the corner is clematis and the vine trellised to the wine barrel hoop is a cucumber.

My most prolific herbs are thyme, sage and rosemary (the rosemary grows in the front of the house).

IMG_9942I clipped a substantial amount of my most prolific herbs, and set about attaching them to my metal hoop with embroidery floss (what I had on hand). I’m sure there is a better way of doing this. Everything slid around and nothing wanted to stay in place.

My sage looks tired, my rosemary a bit lanky, and the thyme is just awkward.

IMG_9943On the upside, the wreath smells great. Now to find a place to hang it so that when the drying herbs disintegrate they don’t make too much of a mess.

I may try this again next year when my lavender finishes recovering from the massive pruning back I did this past winter.

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