The Wedding Box

IMG_8944I’ve been going through our under the stairs storage space looking to see what can go out and what will merely be reshuffled around until the next time I feel inspired to climb back there. One of the boxes that will get shuffled is a large off-cream colored box, edges reinforced with duct-tape, that once contained a wok labeled “WEDDING MAY 13 2006.” The wok is long gone, I’m not sure why we registered for it, and in it’s place is a collection of wedding memorabilia.

There are some odds an ends, a dried up bubble wand, a never-used novelty garter, the ends of the mega-rolls of ribbon we used to decorate, a few leftover announcements, and a pearl-and-rhinestone studded hairpiece that hid the ugly generic clip on my veil, the rhinestones are coming off, and my children are curious to see it in my hair. There is also a CD of photos, and a black velvet bag with hearts, one clear, one black, I think those were rehearsal dinner gifts from my MIL.


IMG_8946There is a lavender album with a note from my mother-in-law:

Kindli – I couldn’t resist this photo album. It was so perfect with the wedding announcement. Lots of Love, Dulce

I did put pictures in it, once, about nine years ago. It mostly sits in the box, along with our once-used guest book and the Prelude to a Wedding where Dulce printed off all of the blog posts leading up to about a week before our wedding. The last entry is from May 9th and is entitled A Loaded Question. The guest book contains a collection of illegible scrawls of well wishes and interesting advice.

At the end of his congratulations Nick, our best man, reminded Gavin

You can’t debug people.

From my father:

No matter how dark the night — the sun always rises.

From my grandmother:

It’s up to you to make the best of it. I wish you all the best. Lots of love from Oma

A list of birds spotted during the ceremony from my sister, including but not limited to

  • laughing gull
  • neotropic cormorant
  • chimney swift
  • brown pelican
  • European starling

IMG_8949There is also a binder with all my wedding planning and a folder (from my MIL) with schedules, phone numbers, etc. to make sure the weekend and the big day went off without incident.

The lavender photo album is now on our bookcase, Prelude to a Wedding is wedged beside it. I think the guest book will end up there as well. The rest of the bits have ended up back in the box for me to muse over another day. Perhaps one day I will downsize the box, recycling (or throwing out) the remaining contents. I have no use for a novelty garter, or the dust of dehydrated bubbles but for now, it will remain in the wok box.

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