the wild misadventures of Tom Tiddily

When Oliver started in the Red Rose kindergarten in Fall of 2013, Fairy Mother gifted him a Little One. Oliver’s Little One was named Tom Tiddily.

For two years, Oliver and Tom Tiddily played together in the Red Rose room. Then, this past Thursday, Oliver graduated kindergarten, and Tom Tiddily came home to live with us. “Came home” is a bit misleading, as Tom Tiddily made it as far as the car, neatly tucked into the cup holder of Oliver’s booster seat.

Friday morning Tom Tiddily was still in the car when we set out to run errands. He was in the car at the grocery store, he was in the car when we arrived at Lowes, but when we got to the Costso parking lot, Tom Tiddily was gone.

I unstrapped Oliver and we turned the car inside-out searching for Tom Tiddily, was he under the seat? No. Was he smooshed in behind the booster? No. Had he somehow ended up in the trunk area? No. Tom Tiddily was not in the car.

I felt like the worst mother ever, one day into summer vacation and Oliver’s beloved Little One was missing.

We had already had a morning of misadventure. Gavin was in Colorado for his sister Megan’s graduation. We’d gotten an early start on the morning and went to the grocery store at 7:30 am, because why not? They were open and we needed to go. We’d come back to clean off the front entry way, and do some weeding. Then the plastic of the front porch light had shattered when I swept the cobwebs off, which was why we’d gone to Lowes in the first place. There had been an accident on Hwy 116 so we’d had to seek an alternative rote. It was only 10:30 and it felt like we’d had done an entire day’s work, and now Tom Tiddily was missing. IMG_6405

Where had we last seen Tom Tiddly? We retraced our route, back to the Lowes parking lot, and there was Tom Tiddily, face down on the asphalt under a truck. As luck would have it, the truck missed running him over, and was merely parked on top of him. Thankfully, Tom Tiddily was no worse for the wear.

With Tom Tiddily safely tucked in the cup holder on the inside of the car (instead of the one next to the door), Oliver and I had a conversation about keeping Tom Tiddily safe. We finished up our errand running without further incidents involving Tom Tiddily, and then returned home, where he was promptly tucked into Oliver’s bed (with Oliver) so he could feel safe, secure, and snuggled.

For now, Tom Tiddily is limited to wild adventures around the house. He and Caesar have been getting along fabulously, and creating much havoc on the nature table. I’m also fairly certain Tom Tiddily wouldn’t mind sailing away from the madness as he spends a fair bit of time on the little sailboat Oliver made.


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