spring planting in the backyard

The other morning the boys and I spent some time in the backyard tending to the plants. We trimmed back the herbs in Herb’s Garden, and replanted the rosemary to give it a better position near the drip hose.
IMG_4301We planted some new lemon balm and lemon verbena. We also requested that the local nursery hold a quart-sized lemon grass for us when the next shipment arrives. You may notice a theme, we are selecting plants that are natural mosquito repellents.

IMG_4300On a whim I got a six-pack of starter trailing nasturtiums and we’ve improvised a trellis for them to cascade down: some modified orange juice jugs with plenty of holes for drainage. We also have a pack of nasturtium seeds that the boys and I may attempt to grow as well.
IMG_4302Hopefully everything survived the planting process and I get the drip hooked up so everything is properly watered. Eventually I plan to procure some dill and basil, but it is still too early in the season for that.

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