the super easy 1-2-3 skirt

Friday I took the little one to the fabric store to get bias tape to finish another project (a big long-term project, I’ll have a post about it eventually).

While I was there I was distracted and picked up a yard of fabric to make myself a colorful skirt (because I don’t have enough projects, obviously).

The fabric is cotton, with an 8″ band of elastic stretchy stuff along the top (the internet tells me it is called “shirred”), it was on sale (yay!) and it just felt too fun to pass up.

I also found a Simplicity Single Seam Sundress and Instructables on how to make your own shirred fabric which I will keep in mind for later (when I feel more ambitious).

Step 1: Hem/finish bottom
IMG_3483Step 2: sew a seam up the side

IMG_3485Step 3: take a lousy photo of the finished skirt in the mirror, my t-shirt covers the shirring.


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