Lego Winter Village in action & transformation

In November, in the very early stages –  the snowflake fabric makes me happy
Also in November

The beautiful (and often infuriating) thing about our Winter Village is that it is not a static display, it is regularly taken down and played with. It also grows and changes daily with new additions from the Lego Advent Calendar.

Patrick with all of the Winter Village (before the Advent Calender) on the building board that Gavin built

The boys enjoy playing with it, and on occasion, the Advent Gnomes get ambitious and set up scenes on a shelf in the dining room.

the “Advent Gnomes” got a little ambitious the other night and made a scene on a shelf in the dining room, complete with blue LEDs (Dec. 5th)

Shortly after the last photo was taken, the Winter Village had an encounter with an Abominable Three Year Old. He is still learning to use his “gentle hands” and learning the meaning of “leave it alone” and sadly the Village sustained extensive damage. The Advent Gnomes’ feelings were very hurt by the incident so now the Village is “resting” until it can be mended.

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