The Advent Gnomes

The boys have two advent calendars this year, one from Lego, and one from the local fabric/craft store (on sale, plus a coupon) with pockets that can be filled. The Lego one, without fail, has so far something exciting each and every morning, the one that needs to be filled has had the occasional let-down.

The first four days of December the calendar to be filled was filled with care, peppermint bark squares, or mini-candy canes were discreetly tucked in to the pockets once they were snugly tucked into their beds, and then one morning, the pockets were empty.

How did this happen? Oliver looked at me in disbelief. I get enough grief for enough things so I passed the blame onto the Advent Gnomes. They’re the Gnomes responsible for filling the Advent calender (everyone knows this).

IMG_0320Sometimes I think the talk of gnomes and fairies in the early childhood at school is a bit crazy, and sometimes I’m really glad I’ve got gnomes to blame for one night of slacking off.

Oliver told me that he was “very sad the gnomes forgot, then he went over to the nature table where the Gnomes reside. He gave them a very stern talking to. He explained that the Nature Table Gnomes should tell them (the Advent Gnomes) they will bring chocolate tomorrow!

So far the gnomes have not forgotten again. 

IMG_0275The Advent Gnomes also took full credit for St. Nicolas’ visit. They left the boys clementines, chocolate, candy canes and carved wooden ornaments of their first initials to hang on the tree (when we eventually put it up).


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