our Lego Winter Village – Tree Lot, Gluhwein Stand & Horse Drawn Carriage

The boys have been really into Duplos for some time now, and Oliver is showing an active interest in Legos. Ever since our CraigsList Lego haul, I’ve been on the lookout for instructions, and design inspiration.

Inspiration hit really hard when Grandma Dulce and I decided the boys needed the Lego City Advent Calendar. One thing led to another, and of course the Advent Calendar would need a place to be staged, why not create an entire Christmas Village out of Legos? Gavin says that Dulce and I “enable each other.” I can’t disagree, I purchased the Christmas Tree Lot Truck for Oliver to build, and Dulce got Santa’s Workshop. I then looked up the Christmas Tree Lot, and decided I could build it (it was a 2013 set, I found it for $30 which was too much).

So, the other night, after the boys went to bed, I built a Christmas Tree Lot.

Lego Christmas Tree Lot

Then I built a gluhwein stand, I told the boys it is a hot chocolate stand.

My homemade Lego Gluhwein Stand

I added a horse-drawn carriage for good measure.

Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh! Hey!

Of course that’s not really enough to make a complete Winter Village, so I built a few more buildings that I’ll share in subsequent posts tagged LegoChristmasVillage.

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