extra-long day trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium

On Friday, Gavin suggested we go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the weekend, after some discussion, we agreed that a spur-of-the-moment overnight trip might be a bit ambitious, and the crockpot wouldn’t be done until after 3pm, which would put us smack in the middle of Friday afternoon traffic.

Instead we decided to make a day of it, leaving at 7 am, which would’ve put us there by around 10, except we hit traffic (it took nearly an hour to get past the 1-lane section of 101) in Petaluma, we we arrived just after 11 (we also made a stop at Grandma D’s to have a snack and use the bathroom).

Popular exhibits on this trip included the Open Ocean, “scary” moray eels, and red octopus — I wish I’d gotten a photo of it! It was amazing!!

The cephalopod exhibit was very popular with the boys, although the loop of the giant octopus taking out the Golden Gate Bridge terrified Patrick. Squid racing was quite popular as well.

IMG_2039It was an averagely busy Saturday, so after a few hours (and after lunch), we took an hour-long break, and walked along the path for some fresh air, and some space. We headed back to Grandma D’s around 4:30ish, for dinner and the children’s bath time before we headed back home.

It made for a very long day, by the end of it, Patrick was fall-over-exhausted. I was very glad to have a membership pass, as we didn’t see a large portion of the exhibits except to rush past them in hot pursuit of a small child.

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