13 lbs of vintage 80s Legos

The boys love playing with Duplos, but they love playing with Legos even more. They want to go beyond the farm and boat to launch satellites and race fire engines. I love my boys, but I’m not quite ready to share my Legos with them — what can I say, it took me seven years before I was ready to irrevocably combine my collection with Gavin’s.

The boys are still exploring how blocks go together and getting familiar with the shapes, functions and mechanics of the blocks. While we probably could throw together a starter set from our vast collection, a burst of inspiration and a lucky Craig’s List search turned up thirteen pounds of vintage 1980s-90s Legos for a very reasonable price.
They a very mixed box, some plates, some pirates, a police station, some seriously vintage Fabuland, a few knights, some BASIC sets, a smattering of instructions and the occasional PlayMobil figure.
IMG_1806We mostly assembled the Fabuland town hall, police station, and one of the random castle mini-sets on the play-tray that Gavin built for the boys to use on the table (2×2 plywood with 1.5x.25 trim with felt feet). I improvised a bit from the original instructions with the pieces I had on hand — some are missing, some were found after much deeper digging.
IMG_1810After bath time the play-tray was not enough to contain the boy’s vision. They expanded, under the condition that everything get collapsed back onto the play-tray before bedtime.

I think this is going to be the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship, I just hope everyone remembers to pick up all the pieces off the floor every night.

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