Asian Pears 2014

It is that time of year again, the Asian Pear tree is laden with fruit and I am torn between chucking it all in the green bin and doing something useful with it. There are already mounds of decaying pears laying in the jasmine, so I should probably start doing something about that, and with the loads of fruit on the tree.

So far I have learned Asian pears make lousy sauce, the consistency is grainy and the flavor is nothing special. I tried making pear sauce muffins, but the effort of making mediocre sauce just to make mediocre muffins seems silly. In previous years I’ve given them away by the bagful at the boys’ school, but they’re rather hit-and-miss, some people love them, others love to hate them (they often have a tree of their own).


This year I have started an Asian Pears board on Pintrest, and I have several ideas of what to do with them. Most of what I’ve pinned uses one, maybe two pears, but I’m hopefully I’ll come across something that calls for one or two pounds of them that’s worth repeating. I’m also considering saving my laundry pennies and getting a food dehydrator (and some accessories) to turn them into easy snacks.

I’m going to try a few of my pins and see how they work out, I have several more pinned, so we will see where this goes.

I suspect some of these may end up as Pintrest Fails, but I’m hopeful. There are now far more uses for Asian Pears than there were a few years ago when I first started looking, and they’re appearing more regularly at the grocery store — the grocery store ones are individually wrapped in little cushy mesh to keep them from getting damaged, and are about twice the size of mine –  they probably get regularly watered and properly tended.


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