Twain Harte – August 2014

Last week we spent four very relaxing days in Twain Harte, CA. We drove out on Monday and arrived home on Thursday, refreshed and relaxed after our mini-vacation at a delightful home nestled in the woods. The Grandmas Dulce & Irene (‘Reen) came along as well, and much time was spent snuggling with and reading to the “favorite grandsons.” IMG_1512We didn’t do half of the things I’d pinned to my Twain Harte / Aug. 2014 board, we did mange to go to the small-scale train at Cover’s Apple Ranch, and we did go for a short walk at Pinecrest Lake. We spent most of our time in the above-ground pool, the private lake, walking along the path along the ditch/creek, and reading books on the wrap-around porch.

IMG_1471The train at Cover’s Ranch was alright, Oliver kept asking about “train hart” and while I tried to explain it was Twain, not train, this was lost on him, so going on a train ride was pretty much a necessity.

IMG_1537 The lake was awesome, with in a few moments the boys had stripped down to nothing and were wading arm-pit deep. We came back the next day with swim suits and float vests, and O made it out to the floating pontoon in the middle of the lake (which much assistance from Gavin and myself).

IMG_1560Eventually I’ll upload a few more photos from our trip. We had a wonderful time, and the boys are still excitedly talking about their time there.

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