parallel-cycled CD plant markers

After my previous post about Herb’s Garden, I decided I wanted to put in some plant markers. While I may, one day, find a stash of second-hand dinosaurs, for now I am using parallel-cycled CDs. I hesitate to say upcycled because let’s face it, all I did was scrawl basil on the shiny side of the CD and stick it in the ground.

I didn’t bother with colorful markers, or hot glue and Popsicle sticks (little boys and sharpies, no thanks). I don’t think I added any value, but I think they look cool, they do a nice job marking where my herbs are growing, and if/when they wander off and are lost or broken by a well meaning small child, I’ve got a stack of them in the garage.

In the pot — because they’re supposed to die every year, are basil, dill and parsley.

In the ground alone the back wall, there are strawberries…


Underneath the “Herb’s Garden” sign are rosemary, chives, and thyme.


Sage and oregano are not pictured. I almost feel like this post belongs on MIWDTD.

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