fortress of sunflowers (1)

Over the last few winters our lemon tree has frozen. Every year, we’ve done our best to try and save it, and this year part of it came back, but the end result was horribly lopsided and diseased. So after five long years (and one really harsh winter), the tree had to come out.


Eventually we hope to put a sandbox in the space where the lemon tree used to be, but it will be a little while before we have the time to build the one we want — we haven’t started yet.


To fill in the space, and discourage the boys from liberally spreading dirt all over the patio, I picked up a six-pack of mammoth sunflowers (yes, I know there are only five pictured, one didn’t survive the transplant), and a dwarf big smile sunflower.

IMG_1398I looped some drip-cord around the perimeter and provided the wobbly starts with a bit of broken-trellis support. The mammoth sunflowers will, in theory, grow 12 feet tall. The dwarf big smile sunflowers has probably already reached it’s maximum height of 12-15 inches.

Hopefully these plants will grow and reach their maximum potential so the kids have a fun sunflower fortress to play in, and when the sunflowers are done for the season, we’ll be ready to put in a sandbox.



This is (1) because I plan to post photos as the sunflower fortress grows.

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