so this happened, and we relandscaped part of the front yard

The other day I realized it was time to trim the lambs ears, they were getting overgrown, falling over, trampled by small children, and they were in need of a trim. I didn’t get a picture of the mess, because I didn’t really expect to be jumping into a huge new project less than a week before my mother was coming to town.
IMG_1300The more I trimmed, the worse they looked, so two green bins later (thanks to Nick and Sasha for loaning us theirs), they were gone.


A friend of mine had some pavers she was going to “list for free on CraigsList” so I offered to give them a new home without the hassle. Now the boys have more room to run up and down, and will hopefully stay out of the plants. It also widens our driveway just enough to easily roll the trash, recycle and green bins without hitting the car. I used some old cardboard as weed suppression under the Japanese Maple, and emptied a bag of mulch over it.

The old drip system remains in place for now — until I can figure out if I can either fix it, or remove it. It was probably installed when the house was built and there’s a complicated looking box and system with a cluster of cut wires. It will probably be removed. I’m not looking forward to this project.

IMG_1388With the help of my friend, Anne, I picked out a selection of drought-tolerant, low-water, plants that will hopefully do well in the space, and hold their own against the encroaching jasmine, although I should probably “hack it back from time to time” to make sure they have the best chance. I promised Anne I would make sure the plants were properly watered, and I’m in the process of working on a solution (it will probably involve a soaker hose and timer).

White Erigeron
White Erigeron – large, white daisy like flowers with a bright yellow center, bloom in mid summer.

I got a six-pack of white erigeron to put along the border. It is the farthest away from the jasmine, and I hold the most hope for its survival.

Curling Waves Salvia
Curling Waves Salvia – flowers summer to autumn

There is also Curling Waves Salvia, I like the blue-purple flowers.

Autumn Sage Heatwave Glitter
Autumn Sage Heatwave Glitter – blooms late summer to autumn

I decided to throw in some pink, with Autumn Sage Heatwave Glitter, I found the name to be amusing.

Cape Fuchsia 'Funfare Wine'
Cape Fuchsia ‘Funfare Wine’

I picked some more pink in the form of Cape Fuchsia ‘Funfare Wine’.

Hopefully all of these plants survive the drought at least long enough for the rain to come and deal with the plants so I don’t have to remember to water them regularly. I’m somewhat hopeful they all make it, as I think they will all look lovely once they get better established.

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