Herb’s Garden

Our backyard has come a long way since we moved in, and I am continually working to make it a more child (and people) – friendly place. We recently splurged and had the mulch-pit redone, it was turning into a muddy pit when it rained (all winter), so it was scraped, re-weed papered and freshly mulched. It looks so much nicer. We also removed the wine barrels (they were rotting in place), and removed the lemon tree (it did not survive the harsh winter’s freezes).

With the wine barrels gone, we freshened up the dirt along the back wall and planted herbs and strawberries. The broken rose trellis was replaced with wine barrel rings, which gave the yard a rather rustic West County Wine Country feel. This also inspired me to start a “Back yard ideas” board on Pintrest.


There were a lot of ideas that I liked (dinosaur plant markers), a lot that I loathed (rainboot planters), and some that I found inspiring but unsure of how I wanted to implement them (garden signs).

I found most of the garden sign sayings a bit cloying, rather like the Live! Laugh! Love! pillows that inspired Serenity, so I turned to the boys for inspiration.

The boys love all things Dragon, they have several books about dragons: A Gold Star for Zog, How Drufus the Dragon Lost his Head, and Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon (to name the first three that popped into my head, I’m sure we have at least two or three more). Most of our dragon books are about Dragons doing Good Deeds/eating things other than people — (spoiler alert) Zog becomes a flying ambulance, Drufus goes vegetarian after feeling sorry for a bug, and Herb loves to garden. I decided to take my inspiration from Herb — he’s a vegetarian.

While I find the over all tone of Herb to be a bit heavy, I agree with the end message, don’t eat people, it is one I think we can all agree with.

I had an old board and some orange paint leftover from another project, so I printed out Herb’s Garden in very large letters, printed and cut them out to make a very crude stencil. A bit of tape and a stick to hold it all in place, and I got to work under the every watchful eyes of Oliver and Patrick.


The letter placement could be better, but the board had a giant hole in it, so I centered the lettering around that. When the painting was done, we affixed it to the back fence over the herb garden.


Now I need to figure out plant markers. I think up-cycled old CDs has potential.

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