outdoor entry way and shoe benches

The same friend that gifted us the daybed also gave us some RAST nightstands. They had stacked them on top of each other and were using them for shoe storage inside by their front door, so they were already a bit scuffed up when I got them. I’d been looking for an outdoor bench for some time now — I’d been scouring ana-white.com for the perfect plans to have Gavin modify to fit the space for some time now — and nothing had seemed quite right, and Gavin never seemed to have the time for this particular project.

Then the pre-loved RAST nightstands entered my life. They’d already been used for shoe storage, but the unfinished pine needed a bit of help before it could survive by our front door. Gavin said paint would protect them, so I took the boys to the local paint store — Sandy’s Paints in Sebastopol. Oliver wanted pink and Patrick wanted yellow, so they compromised and I got the color I wanted: fireball orange — to be fair, both pink and yellow went into the mix to make the orange.


A coat of primer and two coats of fireball orange later (and appropriate drying time) they were put out by the front door. I love the “new” benches, they’re perfect for sitting groceries, bins of stuff, or packages while I find my keys. I can put muddy boots outside without them being a trip hazard, and it offers a place for small children to sit and wait out of the driveway.


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