Eagle-eye viewers (and friends who follow me on Facebook) will have noticed the Serenity pillow on our daybed. Serenity is my answer to the vast array of Live, Laugh, Love, Peace, Joy, Dream, Hope and other “inspirational” pillows that have taken over mass-market home decor. I want to make a giant pile of them and have a bonfire.

Initially I was going to make some pillows that said “cupcakes” and “pizza” and then paint some bricks that said “logic” and “reason” (because those should never be cuddly and soft), but instead I decided to take the warm-fuzzy-inspirational pillow message in the logical direction: Serenity

the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; sereneness.
In a house filled with little boys, I could regularly use some calm, tranquil time.


There are also times I wouldn’t mind having a spaceship to escape with.


I think this pillow embodies the best of both, and I think that Serenity looks great in a pink-watermelon color.

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