daybed makeover & slipcover project

Long story short, we inherited a day bed frame and mattress. I really wish I’d taken before pictures, but I didn’t, so you”ll have to imagine what the a white-and-brass accented metal frame looked like before it was coated in layers of Rustoleum Hammered spray paint (in brown).


Our old sofa was peeling (inexpensive bonded “leather” will do that after a while), and after just over 48 hours on the curb with a “free” sign taped to it, I last saw it wheeling down the street balanced precariously on skateboards, with two gleeful looking boys steering it away from parked, and on-coming cars. To their credit, they’d opted not to ride it down our hill, I’m not sure I would’ve used that much restraint.


When the paint had sufficiently dried, we hauled it into the house and started the process of turning it into our new sofa (to see my inspiration ideas, you can check out my Daybed Styling board on Pintrest – yes, I started using Pintrest, my bookmarks were getting unmanagable). Almost all the pillows came out, and I realized that with two little boys I’d need to come up with ways to make things easily washable. Canvas drop cloths to the rescue.

I used canvas drop cloths for Oliver’s quilt, Patrick’s quilt, and some of the leftovers made the boy’s name pendents. Canvas drop cloths are durable fabric, and when it is washed and dried on super-high heat it gets a rather cozy texture. First up, an easy fitted sheet. I didn’t have elastic, so I used rope and made a draw-string.


The pillows did not stay on the daybed long so I decided to slipcover some of them as well – not all of them are washable. I made a few pinch-pleated pillows for some fun texture. All of the slipcovers are envelope-backed for easy removal (and so I didn’t have to deal with sewing zippers).


The new daybed is tall enough to easily store the bin of blocks below it, I may add a dust ruffle at some point, but for now, easy access to the toys stored below it trumps aesthetics.

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