Patrick’s Denim Quilt

After I finished Oliver’s quilt, I started on Patrick’s. I had plenty of jeans to use, but I didn’t want to go through the 5×5 squares again. For Patrick I made rows of 5×25 in blocks of five. I laid it out on the floor and then added two rows of 5×5 squares to make it twin-sized.

IMG_0516  IMG_0538

Once it was all pieced together, pinned together and tied together (purple and white – Patrick’s choices), I rolled the edges of the canvas over to make the edge binding and sewed it all together. Probably not the most scientific method, but it worked.

The twin-sized quilt is way too big for Patrick’s little toddler-sized bed, so I folded it into quarters for him to test it out. He was pretty excited about it. Eventually I’ll make a coordinating pillow, and one day, it will go on his big-boy bed (in another year or so, when they’re ready for bunk beds).

Patrick is pretty excited about the quilt, but for now, it is stashed under his bed for safe keeping — it will probably go on the guest bed when we get around to putting one in the play room.


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