canvas/denim name pennants

A few days ago I shared photos of Oliver’s quilt, I have since mostly completed one for Patrick as well (photos will follow when it is finished being pieced together). When all was said and done, I found I had a not-insignificant pile of leftover canvas and denim — not enough for another quilt, but easily enough for one or two more projects. According to the internet, personalized name pennants are all the rage right now, so I decided to make some for the boys.

IMG_0520  IMG_0525

I printed off a large triangle and letters to use as templates. To keep the canvas from fraying, I used homemade denim-scrap-bias tape around the edges. The letters were hand-appliqued with a blanket stitch and white embroidery thread. All the pieces were then sewn into a large canvas strip that has been folded into large-scale bias tape.

I laid everything out on the kitchen floor — the tile has nice straight grout lines that I can use to line everything neatly up. There was quite a bit of pinning to hold everything in place.

IMG_0529  IMG_0531

Detail-oriented viewers will note the pennants are actually a bit larger/longer than they appear in the finished pictures, I had no real sense of scale when I made them, so they turned out much larger than I anticipated. The blank triangles and tab-ends were tucked under before I pinned them to the wall well out of the children’s reach.

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