Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day weekend has been busy and exciting. Patrick learned to climb out of his crib with dangerous consistency so he was upgraded to a “big boy” (toddler) bed.
As Oliver put it, “baby no stay in his bed” so Oliver has taken to sleeping in the playroom/guest room until further notice…

And Oliver is BACK in the shared bedroom as of tonight. There were some tears, and co-tormenting, but they’re going to make it work.

When the big boy bed make-over was done, we decided to go to HomeDepot to “price out” a new sink for the downstairs bathroom – it was rusted and generally nasty.


And by “price out a new sink” I mean make replacing the sink our new project. We will hookup the water to the sink at/after 3pm (we have to let the caulk set for 24-hours).


The new sink looks a lot like the old sink, only with less enamel damage, no rust and a nicer faucet (we replaced it too). New problem, the nice new sink, and cleaner-than-ever-before counter top make it painfully obvious how awful the (not pictured for a reason) light fixture is.


I also made rosemary focaccia.

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