today was mostly baking & cooking

Most other-Mondays Gavin and his fellow Sebastopol-based co-workers go down to Palo Alto for work. I’m friends with the wife of one of the fellow-co-workers, and we’ve started getting together to bake (I’m teaching her), sew (she’s teaching me), and cook (we’re having a ton of fun experimenting with new recipes).

We’ve been experimenting with vegan baking (her husband is allergic to diary, egg, tree nuts and peanuts), as well cooking things that he can’t eat — but that’s okay, because the butter, egg, and peanut butter are in my kitchen, and with all the co-workers in Palo Alto anyway, it isn’t like he’ll be around for dinner.

Dinner this evening was Alsatian Flammekueche. I’m going to respectfully DISAGREE with some of the original recipe:

  • use parchment paper when rolling out the dough, and plenty of corn meal/flour. It is sticky. Just slide the whole thing onto the baking sheet, so much easier.
  • Do NOT wipe down the pan after you caramelize the onions, just add the bacon.
  • Take full advantage of the caramelized onion and bacon grease and cook some vegetables in it – we made carrots.
  • The recipe makes enough for TWO – this includes enough for toppings, if you decide to freeze one of the dough balls, remember to cut the toppings in half.



We modified blueberry lemon baby bundts to be vegan using egg replacer and margarine. We also used frozen blueberries. We did not make the rosemary syrup, and instead made a lemon juice – powdered sugar glaze.


Amazingly good, and oh so cute!

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