Roly Poly Paradise

Oliver and Patrick have started bringing home Roly Poly bugs. For a while, O was trying to keep them locked in a tin in the play kitchen, but then P let them free and several lost their way (or lives) and haven’t seen seen

On one hand, I’m glad the boys are taking an interest in bugs, bugs are cool, but the drama (and search and wailing) that ensues when “baby let dem go!” is a bit much.

We started with a bug-jar, a mason jar with a bit of dirt and yard debris with some screen mesh across the top for ventilation, then I did some reading up on roly poly habitats and decided we could splurge and make a roly poly terrarium.

The other morning, after we ran a bunch of errands, we went to our local pet store and looked at fish – we got distracted. I promised the boys in “a few years” they could “graduate” to having fish. The helpful person behind the counter looked confused, don’t kids usually start with fish? Yes, but right now we have Dwayne, our pet rock, and we’re moving on to a roly poly bug paradise.

Apparently I’m the coolest mom he’s met all week.

After the pet store (we didn’t get any fish, just a medium-sized “kritter keeper” in pink – it was $2 less than the “herp heaven” and the boys didn’t really care about colors), we went to the local nursery and asked an expert (who was very helpful, and slightly horrified at what we were doing because the bugs “are going to eat the plants!”) for some small, low maintenance plants for our enclosure. I’m not totally sure what we ended up with (the boys took the plant tags the moment after we paid for them), but they’re small and fit nicely.

When all this was done we went for a walk around Ives Park and appropriated P’s snack cup as transportation for a few more roly poly bugs.

Assuming they all survived we have somewhere between three and five roly poly bugs in our enclosure. I’ve seen one moving around, but O is convinced he’s seen more, and I’m sure more will be joining the RP Colony soon.


Some Fun & Helpful Resources for the Care & Keeping Roly Poly Bugs

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