a new kitchen

After two-plus years of daily use and affection the little play kitchen was pushed beyond the limitations of press-board and the bottom fell out of the cabinets. Gavin and I tried to reattach the bottom but only ended up making a further mess of the press-board.


I detached all the knobs, faucet, sink, and burners in the hopes we could reuse them somewhere else and Gavin set to work building another Waldorf-inspired playstand.


Oliver and Patrick helped oversee the process.


The kitchen sink fits perfectly. Everything else? We’re not so sure about. IMG_7234

It still needs a few coats of poly-acrylic before we turn it over to the kids. IMG_7236

If I find the right knobs and other accessories we might add some burners, although we may leave it this way for a while, they seem cool with just having a sink.

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