new chairs & DIY found-around-the-house cushions

We finally caved and got more dining room chairs. We were down to four, two with booster seats for the boys, and two vintage molded fiberglass in awesome orange, so it was getting challenging to seat everyone if we had guests over for dinner. My MIL graciously loaned us some folding chairs, but we’re really rather done dealing with them.

After months of looking (and budget-considering) we ended up with the Ronan Dining Chair in Rubbed Black from Pier1. They are “they’ll do for now” chairs, and hopefully they’ll last us five years (the ones they are replacing lasted about 5 so we’re not getting our hopes up).

They are not upholstered, so my job was find cushions. With two small boys my ONLY requirement was that the cushions were MACHINE WASHABLE (or at the very least had a machine washable removable slip-cover). I’m willing to over look a lot for the ability to toss something in the washing machine without a second thought (I’ll even hang-dry it!). Pier one turned up nothing, Cost Plus/World Market turned up nothing. Everything was “spot clean” or “dry clean” or “wipe with damp cloth.” Nothing had a removable slip-cover. I could probably have looked further, but the trend at my price-point (as little as possible) seemed to favor no-slipcovers/no realistic washing options.

After lunch I took matters into my own hands and decided to make my own.

photo copy

I used dishtowels left over from my big-boy-aprons, old beach towels from my MIL, and some fabulous pink ribbon. I folded the dishtowels in half and sewed up the sides, attaching the ribbon at the top as I went. This formed a pouch for the carefully folded beach towel to slide in.

100% machine washable, and I can put them in the dryer.


I may eventually replace the towels with foam (or replace the entire system), but for now these will work nicely and could also work outside.

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